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The Health Maintenance Consortium

Page Last Updated:  10/19/2009

In 2003, the Health Maintenance Consortium (HMC) was formed via a five-year research grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) The HMC is coordinated by the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR), and is comprised of NIH administrators, research investigators at individual sites, and HMC Resource Center program staff and advisors.  The common goal of the HMC is to understand the long-term maintenance of behavior change as well as effective strategies for achieving sustainable health promotion and disease prevention activities.  In our work we bring together experts in the behavioral health field who can help identify and discuss various theories and methodologies related to the processes of behavior change.  We aim to explore the opportunities for further collaboration across projects.

HMC focuses on the following:

  • Fostering ongoing cross-site communications among NIH  funded Health Maintenance Consortium projects;
  • Providing technical assistance to identify common questions, methods and measures related to maintenance and sustainability of long term behavior change;
  • Addressing cross-cutting issues that add synergy to individual Health Maintenance Consortium projects;
  • Establishing a central clearing house for behavioral change concepts, assessment instruments, intervention protocols, methods and data emanating from these projects that can be beneficial for other researchers and practitioners; and
  • Disseminating research findings and tools through our website, listservs, meetings, workshops and symposia.


More about HMC:

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